MyOffice PBX offers rich and flexible PBX features that are often associated with large, high end (and high cost) corporate phone systems. The list below includes a sample of the business phone system features available with MyOffice PBX.

usaCall anywhere in the USA or Canada1 without per minute charges.  

extensionPay-per-line, not by extension and save big!  Add as many extensions as you need for no additional cost.  

phone-icon1Connect landlines and cell phones to your business PBX through advanced call forwarding. 

ivrAllows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of a receptionist. (press 1 for sales...) 

voiceoverMyOffice PBX has teamed up with professional voice over talent to record quality greetings and messages for your PBX. 

800Add a toll free number from USA & Canada1 and enjoy unlimited toll free calling with no per minute charges. $19.99/Number 

Low-cost international Calling

globeMake international calls at great low rates with MyOffice PBX. Over 50 countries at just 2¢ per minute.

recordImprove sales and protect your business with call recording. 

lnpBring your existing number from your current provider to MyOffice PBX. We'll transfer them for you.  

musiconholdUpload and play music or provide company information for customers that are placed on-hold.

911Dial 911 and emergency operators will automatically receive your physical business address3. About Emergency 911.

panelAdd extensions, auto attendants, call groups, and more in seconds with the easy-to-use control portal. 

Caller-ID and Call-waiting

cidKnow who's calling with caller ID and receive calls while on another call with call-waiting.

Advanced Voicemail

voicemailView your voicemail visually anytime online. Voicemails are converted to audio files and forwarded as an email attachment.

USA and Canada Numbers

areacodeSelect phone numbers from any USA or Canada location.

Real-time Ordering

orderAdd numbers and lines to your PBX in seconds with the easy-to-use web control portal. 

groupsRoute calls to groups of phones that share similar office funtions (e.g. sales or support). Ring phones simultaneously, in-order, or all at once.  Learn More»

fireIn case of power or Internet failure, route calls to alternate phones, like mobile, landlines or home phones. 


Business Phone System
In The Cloud
Per month per line. 
2-Line Minimum
Free Extensions
Unlimited Calling*
All PBX Features Included

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes.  MyOffice PBX is available anywhere in the USA & Canada.  We provide local phone numbers for over 90% of the USA as well as many locations in Canada.

When you transfer phone services to MyOffice PBX, you won't have to leave your old number behind. You can bring your phone number to us using a process called local number portability. 

Learn More»

MyOffice PBX will work with most broadband internet services (Cable, DSL, T1, WiFi etc...).

In order to ensure the highest level of voice quality, we recommend that an additional 90 Kbps of internet bandwidth (per active call) be allocated above your current data consumption.  

Here is an online broadband speed test to assist you in determining your actual data speeds.

Yes, emergency 911 calls over VoIP devices are managed through e911 procedures.  

Emergency 911 calls over standard phone lines are handled by the phone carrier for those phone lines.

Details of our e911 coverage can be found here.

Our service includes unlimited domestic USA & Canada long distance inbound and outbound calling. This includes toll free inbound and outbound calling. For international calls, we offer very competitive per minute rates.

Almost none. MyOfficePBX is very simple to use. We offer administrative tutorials for setting up your account.

In case of an internet/power outage at your business locations, you will lose VoIP phone connectivity to the MyOffice PBX servers.  

However, unlike a traditional PBX, the service is hosted in the cloud. By setting up fail over actions for Auto Attendants, and groups you can make sure that calls will be delivered. You also have the options to setup Find-Me/Follow-Me or Call Forwarding for each user extension.

For assistance on setting up fail-over options contact us.