MyOffice PBX Number Porting Policy

MyOffice PBX works with third party service provider who, on behalf of MyOffice PBX, transfers (ports) phone numbers from existing providers to MyOffice PBX in accordance with applicable Regulatory Requirements and Guidelines. Our third-party service provider requires specific and detailed information and procedures when initiating a phone number port request. This being so, you may be required to provide this detailed and specific information to complete a number port request.


If you are moving your number to MyOffice PBX from another phone provider, please follow the following instructions:

Check to see if your number can be ported into MyOffice PBX by entering your number into our online Provisioning Check tool by logging into the MyOffice PBX Control Panel, selecting Services, then port number. Then enter the number you wish to port and click "[Check if number can be transferred]".

MyOffice PBX’s online provisioning check system will immediately search to verify your number(s) portability. A provisioning check will determine if your telephone number can be ported into MyOffice PBX. Certain numbers are not supported by our domestic calling network and/or certain providers will not port numbers. In these cases, these numbers cannot be ported. If your number can be ported, you will receive a message on your computer screen that your number is portable and you can follow these steps to complete your transfer request:

Step 1: Transfer Information
Enter the number you wish to transfer.
Enter the email address you would like us to contact you at for signing the LOA (Letter of Authorization).

Step 2: Existing Phone Billing Information
Enter your billing telephone number, name, and address.
NOTE: Click the "Use Billing Address" link to auto complete this section with the billing address that we have on file.

Step 3: Emergency 911 Information
Enter your service. This is the address first responders will be dispatched in the event of an emergency.
NOTE: Click the "Use Billing Address" link to auto complete this section with the billing address that we have on file.

1) Number transfers may take up to 30 days to complete.
2) Number transfers may be rejected for many reasons, mainly incorrect information.
3) Each number transfer will be assigned a FOC (firm order commitment) date. This is the scheduled transfer date for you number.


STEP 4: You must then submit an LOA to MyOffice PBX.
This authorizes your previous service provider to port your number to MyOffice PBX. You must fax your LOA to MyOffice PBX’s porting department as detailed on the LOA. Please be advised that if you do not fill out the information on the LOA properly, your porting request will be rejected. 

Depending on the type of number you are trying to port in, MyOffice PBX may notify you via email that you are required to fax or email to MyOffice PBX a copy of your bill from your previous provider to verify your customer and account information.

Toll free numbers.
For toll free number porting requests, you must fax or email (i) a copy of your LOA with a handwritten signature and (ii) a copy of a billing statement from your previous provider.

Local and business numbers.
For local and business number porting requests, you may be required to provide a copy of your billing statement and/or a copy of your LOA with a handwritten signature.

If you would like to ensure that your port is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, you may also fax or email a copy of your CSR (customer service record) to MyOffice PBX a . You may request a copy of your CSR from your previous provider. If you cannot obtain a CSR from your previous provider, you may request your previous provider to send a letter on company letterhead that lists your account number, billing telephone number, service location address and specific numbers you are porting.

The following information must be listed on your bill, LOA or CSR to verify your customer and account information:

  • Number(s) you are asking to port
  • Your Name
  • Address – both billing and service addresses
    *if your address is a P.O. Box, please provide MyOffice PBX with an additional physical location address where the number resides.
  • If there are additional numbers on your account with the losing provider other than the number to be ported, you must contact your previous provider’s porting department and tell them whether you intend to retire those numbers when canceling service.
  • MyOffice PBX will then submit your LOA to your previous provider and wait for approval to port your number. You will be notified by MyOffice PBX via email if your previous provider requires additional information and/or corrections to your LOA before MyOffice PBX can port your number.
  • When MyOffice PBX receives approval to port your number from your previous provider, we will begin porting your number.

Generally, porting requests will be completed within ten (10) business days after MyOffice PBX receives your LOA, provided that there are no issues with your LOA or otherwise. Please be advised that for small service providers, inbound porting requests can take up to thirty (30) business days to port. If you have not received response regarding your LOA within fourteen (14) business days or you have any questions regarding our Number Porting Policy, please follow the instructions to contact Customer Support at