MyOffice PBX Reasonable Use Policy

The Plan is provisioned under the following conditions:

·        Unlimited service is provisioned up to number of flat-rated access lines (“SIP trunks”, “lines”, “ports”, “SIP Phones”, “Softphones”…) purchased by the Customer (lines are priced separately);

·        Unlimited intrastate outbound minutes;

·        Unlimited interstate outbound minutes;

·        Calls are measured in 6-second increments and rounded up to the next 6-second increment with a 30 second minimum.


Terms and Conditions
The Plan is provisioned under the following conditions:

·        The Customer must select IPComms (the “Company”) as the service provider for toll services for each Business access line subscribed to under this Plan.

·        The Customer may subscribe up to a maximum of Unlimited Calling lines as specified plan descriptions .  All lines in a common hunt group must be provisioned with the Plan.

·        The Plan’s Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) will be billed in advance.

·        The unlimited intrastate and interstate outbound minutes included in the Plan (1) shall apply exclusively to direct-dialed calls made from the line subject to this Plan, (2) have no cash value for refund purposes, (3) are not transferable or assignable, (4) shall not be applied to calls outside the United States and its territories, and (5) shall not apply toward operator-assisted, collect calls, toll free (inbound) calls, calls billed to a third party or credit cards, or calls to directory assistance.

·        The Company may monitor the Customer’s toll usage subject to the Plan. If the Customer uses the minutes under this Plan for outbound telemarketing, call centers or non-voice services, including but not limited to, data services or any other service listed below, the Customer will be presumed to be in violation of the usage restrictions of this Plan. It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to demonstrate to the Company that the usage is not in violation of the usage restrictions specified herein. Usage restrictions apply and Plan may not be used in conjunction with the following:

o   Auto dialers, any type of automatic outbound dialing or predictive calling/dialing system

o   Call Center applications

o   Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems

o   Long distance Internet access

o   Resale of unlimited minutes

o   PBX trunks or services

o   Non-square electronic key and hybrid telephone systems

o   Ground start line or trunks

o   ISDN services

o   Public telephone services

o   Public access smart-pay phones

o   The functional equivalent of any system listed above

·        If the Company determines that a Customer failed to demonstrate that the usage does not violate the usage restrictions, the Company may immediately move the Customer’s toll service to another plan offered by the Company and the Customer is no longer eligible to subscribe to the Plan.


Rates and Charges
Please refer to your local state tariffs for pricing information.  Term discounts may apply.