Quick-start Videos: Choose the video that best describes your desired setup.

Here are videos that cover the three most commonly used PBX configs.  Have a look and see which setup best suits your business requirements.

1.  I want each phone to have it's own DID.

This video will walk you through giving each of your extensions its own DID for direct PSTN access.

2.  I want to organize my phones into ring groups.

This video shows how to group extensions and create custom ring strategies

3.  I need a main business number with an IVR.
Create a ‘virtual receptionist’ for your incoming callers that will route callers based on selections.

More Videos: Additional information

Here are more video tutorials covering common features, apps and more.

Creating Bulk Extensions
This video will walk you through creating user extension one-by-one and in bulk.

Fax Server Setup
This video will show you how to setup your email-based fax server, allowing you to send and receive faxes online.

Conference Center Setup
This video will show you how to setup your conference center for multiple party conference calls.

Phone Registration
This video will provide an example of how to register SIP phones and other devices to your new PBX.