STEP 1: Accessing the MyOffice PBX Control Panel

MyOffice PBX Control Panel

MyOffice PBX is web-managed and has a PBX Control Panel web interface and an Extension Management Interface. The table below provides a brief overview of the differences between PBX Control Panel and the Extension Management Interface.



MyOffice PBX Control Panel (Admin)Extension Management (User)
  1. Create user/extensions
  2. Purchase numbers and trunks
  3. Create groups & auto attendants
  4. Make payments
  5. View statements
  6. Change 911 address information
  7. and more...
  1. Setup/Manage Voicemail
  2. Forward calls (internal or external)
  3. Find me/ follow me
  4. Caller ID blocking 
  5. Do not disturb
  6. Anonymous call rejection
  7. Call history (logs) and more... 


 Logging In


Activation Email

  1. To begin setting up your PBX, locate your account activation email, and login to the MyOffice PBX control panel using the URL, username & password provided. 

     Here is an example of the activation email:

    Thank you for choosing MyOffice PBX as your business phone service provider.  Your account is now activated.

    Your phone number is: 5559876543

    Control Panel Login:

    Our control panel will allow you to purchase phone numbers and trunks, as well as manage your new hosted PBX.

    Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Password: 1234567AbCd

  2. Once you have logged into the MyOffice PBX control panel successfully, you can begin creating your first user extension.