Connecting a Softphone 

What is a softphone?

A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, rather than using dedicated hardware like a VoIP Desk Phone.  

For the purposes of this instruction we will download and use the free softphone (x-lite™ from Counterpath Corporation)


Step 3: Connect Phones

MyOffice PBX supports most SIP-based VoIP phones. You can refer to our supported devices guide, to find details regarding your specific VoIP hardware. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use a free, downloadable softphone phone that will function the same as a hardware based SIP phone.


X-Lite 4 Soft Phone Setup

Note: this guide is designed for X-Lite 4. Please note that these instructions are designed for the Windows version of the software; Mac setup will be similar but may have a few minor differences.

Download X-Lite

The first step is to download the X-Lite software package from the counterpath's website. Please choose the appropriate package for your operating system and download the software to your Desktop.

Download X-Lite For Windows
Download X-Lite For MAC

Next, double-click on the X-Lite setup package on your Desktop to start the setup program. Once you have finished installing the software, double-click the X-Lite icon on your computer to begin configuring it for your voice over ip account. Note that the program may require you to update certain other components; this should be done automatically after the program prompts you.

 Configuring X-Lite's Account settings

The first time you launch the software you will see a message that "Account is not enabled" and under this message a link to "Account Settings." Click this link; you should then see the screen shown below.

create account


On the Account tab you will need to enter the following information:

Account Name:
Give your account a name that will allow you to quickly identify it, as it is possible to set up multiple accounts through X-Lite and you will want to differentiate them.

Allow this account for:
"Call" should be checked by default. If not, you will need to check the "Call" box to make and receive calls. Please ensure that the "IM/Presence" box is not checked.

User ID:
Enter the username you were given when you signed up (Example: 6842)

Enter the domain: (Example: myoffice)

Enter the password you were given when you signed up (Example: PASS1234)

Display Name:
Enter your first and last name (Example: Jason Bourne - note that this value can be changed at will without affecting the soft phone's functionality)

Authorization Name:
Enter the authorization username you were given when you signed up (Example: 6842 - note that this value should be exactly the same as your User ID value) Domain Proxy Under the area titled "Domain Proxy," ensure that there is a checkmark beside "Register with domain and receive incoming calls" (it should be checked by default). Also under this section, the "Send outbound via" option should be set to "Domain."

The following image illustrates how your X-Lite 4 Account tab should now appear (values given are examples only; please substitute your own):

setup account info


Configuring Voicemail

Ensure that the "Check for voicemail" box is checked (it should be by default).

Number to Dial for Checking Voicemail Enter 8500. Leave the other values unmodified. See below for an example.

x-lite voicemail