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000000t48gVoIP Phones

By far, the best way to benefit from MyOffice PBX and all of our hosted PBX features, is by using VoIP phones.  VoIP phones eliminate the cost associated with purchasing physical telephone lines from your local telephone company in order to make and receive calls. You have the option to purchase VoIP phones directly from MyOffice PBX or if you already own VoIP phones, you can simply use those.  Just connect your phones to your existing high-speed internet connection and you'll enjoy all the benefits of a Cloud PBX and gain access to all of our advanced PBX features.

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cellMobile Softphone Apps

Softphone applications covert smartphones into fully featured VoIP phones.  They allow companies to better integrate mobile employees into their company's daily communications by allowing their smartphones to behave in the same manner as a VoIP desk phone - turning their smartphones into Virtual Extensions of their main office. 

As an example, by using a softphone application like the free softphone Zoiper™ for iPhone or Android,  the smartphone will be able to display the company's caller ID when placing outgoing calls, rather than the caller ID of the smartphone itself. The use of a smartphone app also means that calls do not need to be forwarded to the smartphone; the device will inherently make and receive calls as if it was a desk phone.

Smartphone apps can work well for mobile users while employees in the company's physical office can use VoIP desk phones. The two approaches complement each other and can be easily used in conjunction.

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000analogTraditional Phone Lines

Turns any analog phone (home, hotel or office phone) into an extension of your office phone system. With MyOffice PBX's find-me follow-me service, you can receive incoming calls at any location or at any number of designated phones. MyOffice PBX routes your call through a list of numbers you define. The numbers may be called simultaneously or sequentially; either in a preferred order or in accordance with the your scheduled activities and locations. If no connection is made once all numbers on the list have been called, the system may route the call to voice mail.



000analogDesktop Softphone Apps

Desktop-based softphone applications enable voice and video calls over a high-speed internet connection. Its the ideal solution for those who are typically in front of a PC when they work. Simply download and install any SIP based Softphone app on your desktop computer then connect an inexpensive USB headset (typically less than $10 at your local pc store) to begin placing calls. There is no need to purchase a hardware VoIP phone, as your pc will work just the same.