Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers give your customers the ability to call your business from anywhere in the US & Canada - without paying long distance fees. Best of all our toll free numbers include unlimited inbound calls.

Make it easier for customers to reach your business.

Give your business an instant nationwide presence in just minutes with a toll-free number from MyOffice PBX. MyOffice PBX can deliver your incoming toll-free calls to any location you specify. Even if you're away from your business, you can setup rules to route calls to your cell phone, to a remote office, or to several locations simultaneously. Best of all, with MyOffice PBX, there are no per minute charges for toll-free minutes, you pay one fixed monthly price.

How MyOffice PBX Toll-Free Numbers Work

ip800tollfreedelivery3Just sign up for our service and you'll be able to choose a new toll-free number or transfer your existing toll-free number to us. Then, just point the phone number to your desired destination (automated attendant, desk phone, cell phone etc...). When incoming calls are received, we'll forward them to the destination (or destinations) you specify.

We provide two methods of delivery:

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The Toll-Free Unlimited plan is not designed for telemarketing, call centers, or other high volume users.  Reasonable use policy applies.


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