Seven Reasons to Choose
MyOffice PBX


1.  Per-Line Pricing Equals Huge Savings

Rather than each individual employee having their own dedicated phone line, MyOffice PBX offers it service on a Per-Line pricing model. Our customers pay only for total number of lines their business requires, rather than paying for each and every phone (or user) they have – the way it should be.  Learn more about Per-Line Pricing or Try our savings calculator.

2. Hassle-Free Setup

There's no waiting for an installation technician to show up at your door - MyOffice PBX is in the Cloud.  All setup and service activation takes place using our web-based control panel or simply by calling and speaking with one of our customer support specialist.  Best of all, if you choose, you can simply just tell us how you want your PBX setup, and we'll do the majority of the web setup for you.

3  Everything You Need and More

MyOffice PBX gives you all of the big-business phone features, without the big-business Prices.  You get everything your business needs - voicemail, hunt groups, departments, call forwarding and more, for a fixed low monthly price.

4.  Simple Fixed Pricing

No more surprises on your phone bill.  MyOffice PBX provides simple fixed PBX pricing that will give you a predictable monthly phone bill, with no hidden fees or surprise charges.

5.  Flexible and Scalable

MyOffice PBX scales in porportion to your business activity and growth.  Add more lines, more extensions or more phone numbers any time day or night. Its all done via the web, with no waiting.

6.  USA Based Support

MyOffice PBX is a system that is extremely reliable and supported by our highly trained staff located right here in the United States.  Our hosted PBX will save you money and enable you to focus on your business, not your business phone system.

 7. We Do All The Work For You

You might think that you're just not ready or maybe too busy to change your business phone service.  However, MyOffice PBX does all of the work for you.  There's very little that needs to be done for you to increase your business efficiency and drasticly change the way your business communicates. 


How do I sign up?

Signup online and and you'll have instant access to setup and configure your PBX in just minutes.  If you would rather have us setup your PBX for you, or just have questions before you signup, just give us a call at 1.800.588.2350 or contact us via email.  Then, if you’re ready, we'll login to your Cloud PBX and configure everything for you remotely. Its easy!