Fail-Over Protection

Internet fail-over is designed to automatically invoke if your network or power goes down so you can route your calls to a secondary location in case of an outage or emergency.


You never know when disaster will strike. Power failures and internet outages due to weather, construction or natural emergencies are always a possiblility.  You hope these events will never occur, but as a business operator, it's important that you make preparations just in case they do.

Putting your business phone system in the Cloud gives your business communications the security it needs.  Unlike traditional phone systems, with PBX fail-over protection, you have the ability to route calls to alternate phones in any location, such as mobile phones, phone lines in remote offices, or directly to employee home phones in the event of any type of service interuption (e.g. internet outage, power failure, weather, etc.).

So rest assured, with MyOffice PBX, your business is in good hands.

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