Fast Online Signup / Simple Online Setup / Easy Plug-n-Call Phones


MyOffice PBX offers simple & fast online set-up. Since your PBX is in the Cloud, there's no need hire a PBX installer to setup PBX hardware or install lines and wires. MyOffice PBX allows you to set up the phone system online quickly and effortlessly.





Getting started in just a few simle steps...


1. Choose a main business number

We have local numbers from over 90% of the USA and Canada.  You can also transfer your existing number to us.  For an instant nationwide presence, choose a toll free number with unlimited calling

2. Create a custom main greeting

Use our professional voice talent partners to record custom voice messages or simply record your own.  Create custom music-on-hold to make use of every minute spent on the phone with your customers.  

3. Add departments and extensions

Group employees by department, function or availability (Sales, Support, Billing etc...).  Give each employee their own four-digit extension for easy calling.

4. Provide employees their own web login

With extension-level logins, each employee can manage and customize features like call forwarding, caller id blocking, voicemail-to-email and more.

5. Create Menus - "Press 1 for sales..."

Create & customize automated attendants in just a few clicks. Forward calls to a VoIP phone or directly to a cell or landline phone. Create custom time-based rules that distinguish between business hour and after-hour calls.

6. Setup & Install Your Business Phones

If you already have VoIP phones, just add our setup credentials and begin calling.  If you choose to purchase our phones, they'll arrive "plug-n-call" ready. Just connect them to your internet router and your ready to go.  





MyOffice PBX Setup is Easy!

Not Convinced?  No problem, we'll do it for you!

Not interested in all this setup stuff?  No problem.  We'll setup your PBX for you!  Just answer a few questions about your business and how it is organized.  We'll do the initial setup of MyOffice PBX for you.  Just connect your phones and you'll be ready to go.  

How's that for simple!



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