Never Miss A Business Calls Again
MyOffice PBX for Service contractors


As a contractor, you're aware that your customers likely have plenty of choices when deciding who earns their business.  Whether you're in electrical, plumbing, roofing or landscaping, it's more than likely that many people searching for an expert in your field, simply choose the first contractor they actually able to speak to.  However, even with this fact, many contractors choose to rely on their cell phone to be their sole means in which potential clients can reach them.  

Ask youself these questions...

• How many times has a potentially new customer called while you were speaking to an existing client... and how many times have you had to silence that ringer and appologize for the interruption?  

• How many deals have you missed simply because you were late returning a phone call?  

• How many deals have you missed because callers tried to reach you after hours?

• Or worse, how many customer's simply turned away because you didn't sound professional or established answering the phone?

If your business depend on cell phones for its sole means of communication with your customers, it is likely that you are easily missing a large majority of your potential business due to inefficiency.  

There is an easy and more than affordable way to solve many of these problems.  MyOffice PBX is perfectly designed for businesses with a mobile workforce - like contractors.  Our cloud based phone system gives you and your employees the freedom move from place to place without having to worry about your incoming business phone calls.  MyOffice PBX will reliably and professionally answer your customer's calls, determine where the caller's needs can best be addressed, and route the calls to the appropriate person's cell, home or office phone based on options selected by the customer.  MyOffice PBX is truely a big-business phone system for the small business budget.  


With MyOffice PBX you can:

• Keep Your Existing Number 
 Answer Calls Automatically ("Thank you for calling, press 1 for...")
 Forward Calls to Any Phone (Mobile or Landline)
• Route Callers According to Menu Selection ("...Press 3 for an electrician")
• No Equipment to Buy (Works with phones you already have)



Getting started in just a few simle steps...


1. Choose a main business number

With MyOffice PBX you can use your existing number or choose a new phone number.  We have local numbers from over 90% of the USA and Canada.  You can even choose a toll free number with unlimited calling

2. Create a custom main greeting 

Use our professional voice talent partners to record custom voice messages or simply record your own.  Create custom messages and music-on-hold to make the best use of every minute spent on the phone with your customers.  

3. Create Menus - "Press 1 for sales..." 

Create & customize automated menus in just a few clicks. Forward calls to a any phone - cell or landline phone. Create custom time/date based rules that distinguish between business hour and after-hour calls and even holidays.

4. Add departments and extensions 

Group employees by department, function or availability (Sales, Scheduling, Support, Billing etc...).  Give each employee their own four-digit extension for easy calling.  Call can be routed to employees even while they are traveling.

5. Provide employees their own web login 

With employee-level logins, each employee can manage and customize features like call forwarding, recorded messages, caller id blocking, voicemail-to-email and more.

6. Setup & Install Your Business Phones

MyOffice PBX works with the phones you already have.  However, we do offer desk phones for your office.   If you choose to purchase our phones, they'll arrive "plug-n-call" ready. Just connect them to your internet router and your ready to go.  If you already have VoIP phones great - just add our setup credentials and you're ready to go.





MyOffice PBX Setup is Easy!

Not Convinced?  No problem, we'll do it for you!

Not interested in all this setup stuff?  No problem.  We'll setup your PBX for you!  Just answer a few questions about your business and how it is organized.  We'll do the initial setup of MyOffice PBX for you.  Just connect your phones and you'll be ready to go.  

How's that for simple!



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