Connecting VoIP Phones


What phones should I use?

MyOffice PBX supports, most SIP enabled VoIP devices (phones and softphones).  VoIP phones are, by far, the best way to enjoy all the features and service MyOffice PBX has to offer.  You can choose to purchase phones from us or bring your own phone. 


SIP Proxy Information

When you create a User Extension, MyOffice PBX automatically creates SIP user credentials which all you to register any SIP compatible VoIP phone to the PBX.  This registration information can be found by:

  1. From the Admin Control Panel, select “Extensions” --> “Manage”


  2. Next, locate the user extension that you created in Step 2, and click “Impersonate”, this will log you in, automatically, to the “User Control Panel”.


  3. On the “Home” tab of the User Control Panel, you will find the “SIP Registration” information (Username, Password, & SIP Host (Proxy).  This is all the information you will need to register your SIP device to MyOffice PBX.

    Simply place this SIP registration information in your SIP compatible VoIP device, and try to place a call.  If you call is successful, next using a landline phone or mobile phone, call your DID number and your phone should ring (according to the group settings you set in Step 3)