Save Money & Lower Expenses


Most businesses would much rather dedicate their staff and resources to managing their customers and products rather than waste time maintaining an on-premise hardware-based PBX. MyOffice PBX lets you do just that!

Our cloud-based PBX eliminates the cost associated with the purchase of a business phone system.  There’s no need to tie up capital in on-premise hardware that requires frequent maintenance—and is constantly and quickly depreciating.


Benefits of a Cloud PBX

Setup is fast and easy

Setup of your cloud PBX is easy and simple.  MyOffice PBX offers an easy-to-use online web management system that lets you quickly add new employees, additional lines or even phone numbers locally or from any location we service.  However if you have any questions or need a little help, our team will assist in getting you up and running quickly.  If you already have a phone system and need to migrate your system to us, we'll help you with your service migration and do so with no interruption in the way you do business.


On-premise PBX v.s. Cloud (Hosted) PBX

Hosted PBX

  • Little upfront cost & investment
  • No hardware, no depreciation
  • Upgrades automatically done by provider
  • Easily scale service down as business slows
  • Free and automatic upgrades through cloud
  • Provider shoulders maintenance responsibility
  • Easy web-based self setup & install
  • Extension dialing for local and remote users

On-Premise PBX

  • Large upfront cost & investment
  • Value of hardware depreciates quickly
  • Upgrades require additional investment
  • Can't scale system down after purchase
  • Upgrades require new hardware purchase
  • User responsibility for maintenance
  • Installation requires paid service technician
  • Extension dialing for local employees only