Voice Prompts & IVR Announcements

voice-oversYou've made the right choice choosing MyOffice PBX as your business phone system.  Now it's time to make your first impression to your callers a great one by recording clear and concise voice prompts for your new Automated Attendant's.

Voice Prompts are pre-recorded announcements that are used for automated interaction between your phone system and your callers.  For example, “For Sales, Press 1″ is a voice prompt. Professionally pre-recorded voice prompts for your phone system can help you: 

We've put together some example scripts that will help you create customized messages tailored specifically for your business.  Once you have your script created, visit our Voice Talent page to choose the right voice for your recording.


Sample IVR Voice Scripts

BusinessMain Greeting

Thank you for calling our company. If you know your party’s extension, please enter it at any time.  For sales, press 1, for support press 2, for billing press 3...

After Hours Greeting

You have reached our business after hours and there is no one to service your call at this time.  Please call back during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time, to speak to a member of our staff. 

Departmental Phone Menu Example

For sales, press 1. For service, press 2. For accounting, press 3. For all other inquires, press zero. To repeat this menu, press 9.


Standard/Generic IVR Recordings