Huge Savings!

Per-Line Pricing vs. Per-User Pricing

If your business is like most businesses, it's likely that less than half of your total available phones are ever in use at the exact same time. So, why do most hosted PBX providers require that you pay between $30 - $50, or even more, per user? Why do they make you pay for idle phones?

Here at MyOffice PBX, our customers only pay for the total number of lines (concurrent call paths) their business requires. This lets you share a small pool of phone lines with a large number of devices or users. Best of all, if your call volume changes, you can instantly add or remove lines as needed. For most businesses, this results in huge savings!

Use our Savings Calculator below to see just how much you can save.


²Savings comparison based on an example price of $34.99/mo. per user. Additional features, services and fees not included in pricing and not used in comparison.
³Minimum of 2 lines required. Local & toll-free phone numbers not included. Service requires high-speed internet access (not included). Pricing subject to change at any time. Terms and conditions apply.