Web Control Panel

Our Web Control Panel provides a convenient online management system that enables you to make changes to your PBX in real-time via any web browser.


We Put You In Control

At MyOffice PBX we’ve provide online web options and controls for each feature we offer. We also offer different levels of control, from simple users to systems administrators so that the right people can control the right things - an administrative interface (for system moves, adds and changes) and an end user interface (for individual user feature management).  


Administrator Control Panel

online-mgtA major benefit of MyOffice PBX hosted pbx service, is its simple and easy to use Administrator Control Panel that gives your designated administrator direct control over the system regardless of whether you are in or out of the office. The portal allows the administrator to manage day-to-day changes to your Hosted PBX without needing to contact MyOffice PBX Customer Service.


End User Control Panel

MyOffice PBX also includes an end user portal that enables users to program their phone, enable features, and choose where calls go (e.g. voicemail, auto-attendant, mobile phone, etc.) in the event that the user does not answer their desktop phone.


Admin v.s. User Interface

The table below provides a brief overview of the differences between the Admin Control Panel and the User Extension Management Interface.



MyOffice PBX Control Panel (Admin)Extension Management (User)
  1. Create user/extensions
  2. Purchase numbers and trunks
  3. Create groups & auto attendants
  4. Make payments
  5. View statements
  6. Change 911 address information
  7. and more...
  1. Setup/Manage Voicemail
  2. Forward calls (internal or external)
  3. Find me/ follow me
  4. Caller ID blocking 
  5. Do not disturb
  6. Anonymous call rejection
  7. Call history (logs) and more...